The ‘What-If-I-Chose-This?’ Hypnosis Technique is one I use regularly in hypnosis sessions.   With it, one can change one’s life.  The technique has its roots in the graceful perspectives of reincarnation (thus, Past Life Regression) in which the soul is constantly evolving until it is in a state of Wholeness.  It is path of personal responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions, for one’s growth and for one’s life. There are no victims where rebirth and karma are concerned.  There is no punishment.  Deprived of the excuse of victimhood, we are freed to take action to create our lives as compassionate souls.  This said, you do not need to ‘believe’ in reincarnation for this technique to be effective.  You simply imagine “What If I Chose This?”.

What if life were school and between lives we decided upon the general outline of our next learning experience, the classes, the teachers, the classmates, the field trips?  What if between lives we gathered the souls we’d known and loved almost forever?  They would celebrate with us the plans for our return to earth for our next life.   We would tell them in what ways we want to grow, what circumstances, encounters, events, tragedies, opportunities on our path would ensure our growth.  We ask for volunteers.  We choose the souls we wish to be our parents, not for the sweet, easy life they will offer us, but for the challenges they will present.  And they choose us, for their own growth.  We choose the soul who will in this next life be our philandering spouse.  And he/she chooses us.  Not out of some perverse instinct, but for a higher purpose.  To grow compassion, insight, and love.  We tell a soul whom we have loved for lifetimes that we need a betrayal here, and kick in the seat of the pants there.  And they promise to provide it.  What if we even choose the disease we will experience, and the manner of our death?

What if the goal of a lifetime is not for it to be fairy-tale perfect, comfortable, and easy, but for us to realize our connection with, and compassion for, all life? It is as if we work for a repertory theatre company in which every few weeks we perform a different role in a different play, but we are always the same actor growing our talent and vision, learning more about what it means to be human.  We walk beyond time and space and ego.  We walk in the shoes of fools and clowns, of kings and paupers, of the selfish and the selfless, of the tyrant and the shepherd.  Finally, nothing that is human, or divine, is separate from us.  We ARE humanity and our love is limitless.

What a lot from one unassuming hypnosis technique!  What-if-I-chose-this?   And why?  Why would I have chosen this challenge, this loss, this pain, this life?  What growth opportunity did I intend?  How brave I was to be born in this body on this earth!