All hypnosis is about identity and the courage it takes to choose who we want to be, how we want to think and act, and how we want to live and die.

Never was this more true than for hypnosis clients who are in the process of questioning and embracing their sexual and gender identity.  Not necessarily the identity they were born with, but the identity they were born to claim.   These individuals are actively creating themselves … often despite nature’s seemingly arbitrary assignments of gender.

The basic tenet of hypnosis is that you have the answers within you.  Just be still and look within.  Using hypnosis as a tool to do just that, it is possible to view your own answers quite clearly and even joyfully.  You can shed the paralyzing fear, stride through the religious and cultural barriers of bigotry, and find beauty in yourself and in your expression of love.  Then, you can create a life congruent with the inspiring person you choose to be.