When my sister in California was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, I hypnotized her weekly over the phone from my office in England.  Now, fourteen years later, she is a passionate proponent of hypnosis for cancer.  She still struggles with her health, but her doctors claim she is a living miracle.

Hypnosis was the tool with which she could free herself from fear, find relief from nausea, perceive pain from a distant, peaceful perspective, and actively imagine the best and most beautiful outcome.

I used many varied hypnosis techniques; amongst them featured my sister’s passion for cats.  She loved to visualize her cancer cells as naughty, feral kittens who meant well but were never taught to behave and were wreaking havoc in her body.  She stroked them, loved them, played with them and trained them to behave like the sweet, gentle kittens she knew they were.  The kittens responded with affection, taking care of my sister and supporting her in health.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it.  Hypnosis is!  But the power of the human mind and spirit is profound.

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Hypnosis for Cancer and Chemo

Hypnosis can transform your experience of cancer and chemotherapy.