Stop dieting! Instead, change the way you think about, and interact with, food! Learn to address your emotions with appropriate action, rather than by eating. Regard food as a source of energy for you to pursue your heart’s desires. And get excited about those heart’s desires! In hypnosis, you develop a healthy appetite for LIFE!


Feel healthy, confident, in control! You can be a non-smoker with one hypnosis session. Or, if you choose, two sessions on consecutive days. Fill your mind with thoughts which enhance your life, with plans, and goals, and adventures, new experiences, healthy relationships and action… rather than thoughts of smoking! Deal with stress constructively, not by abusing your body. Use your considerable mind power and determination to create a happier life, rather than committing slow suicide.


Why live your life crippled by fears when a couple hypnosis sessions could free you of them? Fear of flying, of needles, of bridges, of heights, of water, of spiders, of death, etc., are regularly eliminated in hypnosis. Imagine the relief!


Anxiety and stress are filters (often created by trauma) through which we view the world and move within it. Subconsciously meant as a protective device, anxiety is the perception of danger and the anticipation of negative outcome which deprive us of happiness, peace, and the ability to take positive action. In hypnosis, you retrain your subconscious mind to open up to a healthier reality in which you feel safe and confident. You understand that you have all the resources within you to deal positively and meaningfully with whatever happens in your life. You take back your control. You face crises, challenges, set-backs, even bridge traffic delays with equanimity and quiet strength!


Do you ever feel that there is something inherently beautiful and mysterious about life and death? Something eternal and transcendent about love? Do you feel that there is more to you than body and brain? That you have been here before? Past Life Regression is the responsible use of hypnosis in the exploration of a soul’s growth through lifetimes. Essentially, Past Life Regression is about LOVE, the many forms it takes, its fragility, its loss, its endurance, its infinite and eternal creative power. It is about how we become love. In hypnosis, no one tells you about your past lives. YOU, your soul, narrates memories of the lives it has known. Past Life Regression is an intriguing experience that reminds you that there is more to being human than you ever imagined.


I love using hypnosis to resolve persistent, self-destructive grief. Unfortunately, grief is a part of the human experience. In the best of circumstances, we move through the stages of grief to gradually emerge with deeper compassion and appreciation for life, and we continue the process of creating meaning and beauty in our lives and in the lives of others. But when we get stuck in grief, it can the deadly. When grief becomes an endless cycle of agony and despair, when grief takes on a self-perpetuating life of its own, destroying our lives, it is time to take action. It is time to heal. Often just two hypnosis sessions can make all the difference!


When facing a terrifying diagnosis, a critical illness, and difficult treatments, hypnosis can be a profoundly effective and beautiful tool to overcome fear and hopelessness, and to alter the experience of nausea and pain. In hypnosis, your sense of comfort, well-being, and safety is greatly enhanced. You are able to relax more, sleep better, perceive less pain. And focus on healing. The clients who have come to me for hypnosis for cancer have become passionate advocates of hypnosis.


Every relationship has its challenges… and so it should! Relationships are living growing things. They are not meant to stagnate and be neglected. Difficulties in relationships are like the warning lights on a car. They tell us when something needs to be fixed when a change needs to occur for the relationship to remain functional and fulfilling. When that change is faced with thoughtfulness and care, and a certain amount of courage, the relationship can become healthier and more rewarding than ever before.


Panic is a habitual response to certain triggers in life, and sometimes simply to life itself. It begins with the perception of danger. Whether imagined or ‘real’, it becomes a thought which the subconscious mind repeats in an endless loop in order to protect the individual from harm. It is the person’s fight or flight response overacting in daily life, magnified to monster proportions, terrorizing and crippling that life. But, IT ALL BEGINS WITH A THOUGHT. AND THOUGHTS CAN BE CHANGED! Thoughts DO change all the time. In hypnosis, you take back control of your subconscious thought patterns and adjust them so that you can lead a healthy, happy life. You slay the monsters and become the hero of your life. It takes intention and practice, but it really is as simple as that!


All addiction, whether to alcohol, food, drugs, porn, or gambling, BEGINS WITH A THOUGHT in your subconscious mind. THOUGHTS CAN BE CHANGED. Addiction is a thought which is repeated incessantly, in a never-ending loop, until it becomes an automatic response to life. The addiction becomes your reason for being, your best friend, your lover, and your mortal enemy. It vampirizes your life. In hypnosis, the constant replay of addictive thoughts can be disrupted. The old, self-sabotaging tapes can be destroyed. Then healthy, positive thoughts to support you in a life you can love are introduced and embedded. That life is imagined and rehearsed over and over again until it is your reality. You discover new goals and the steps to achieve them. You recover your self-confidence and your power to steer your own course in this life. You decide that your life has meaning and purpose and you passionately commit to that. Then you take positive action.


Life can be messy and our minds can become cluttered. Everyone, at some time, can feel as though they’ve forgotten their way. In the clear and focused state of awareness which we call hypnosis, it really is amazingly simple to identify and reassess the goals which make your life worth living each day. With utter clarity, you can recall your heart’s desires and your direction in life. If that direction no longer brings you fulfillment and joy, you can choose a different direction, one brimming with possibility. You then plan the positive steps you will take upon that path and rehearse them. Surprisingly, one hypnosis session can have a profound impact!


YOU CAN HEAL FROM TRAUMA, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO HOPE. Even if nothing else has worked! In fact, hypnosis is regarded as the most rapid and effective therapy available for trauma. Thought by thought, in hypnosis you can rebuild the foundations of your world, maybe not your old world, but a new one. YOU CAN STOP THE PAST FROM CEASELESSLY TORMENTING YOU. YOU CAN STOP THE CONSTANT REPLAY OF THE PAST. YOU CAN PREVENT TRAUMA FROM DESTROYING YOUR PRESENT. That horrific cycle can STOP now.


COMBINE A FEW SIMPLE HYPNOTIC TECHNIQUES AND A LITTLE IMAGINATION AND THE RESULT IS MORE SELF-CONFIDENCE! Because we are human, our confidence can sometimes be tenuous. Perhaps we never learned self-confidence as children. Perhaps our confidence has been eroded through the years. Lack of self-confidence can be found at the root of many of our issues: procrastination, fear of public speaking, poor academic and sports performance, social discomfort, anxiety, stress, etc. We try to use our logic and our willpower to reason our way into being confident, but it doesn’t work. In hypnosis, your imagination is in charge. And it is far more powerful than you ever realized!

Sports Performance

Every Olympian has trained their mind as rigorously as they have trained their body. They have learned to focus their thoughts on the win. They have trained their minds to support and enhance peak performance. It is the mind which creates the winner. HYPNOSIS CAN HELP YOU PERFORM AT YOUR PEAK LEVEL. Children find that hypnosis boosts their confidence and reduces their stress in gymnastics, dance, and school and league sports. They learn to focus their thoughts and visualize the desired outcome. Most importantly, hypnosis can help young athletes relax and enjoy their sport.