Pensacola Hypnosis Technique:  Through Your Dog’s Eyes

When you are your own worst enemy, the Through Your Dog’s Eyes Hypnosis Technique may be just the thing to change your perspective.  At Pensacola Hypnosis, we use this and many more techniques to help you build self-esteem and confidence in order to create a healthier relationship with yourself.

Many of us go through life being absolutely cruel to ourselves.  In fact, we would never dream of being so mean to anyone else!  We say awful things to ourselves.  We tear ourselves down.  We tell ourselves we are not smart enough, not attractive enough, not talented enough, not brave enough to live the life we dream of.  We expect little of ourselves and believe the worst.   Essentially, we are self-abusers.  Regardless of how this habit originated, we must change it if we are ever to be happy.  Hypnosis, which works so much more quickly than talking therapy, is the perfect tool for change.

Your dog’s vision of you is far different from your own.  For him, you are not your flaws or your fears or your failures, although he knows them well.  He recognizes that these things exist and that they are human.  Yet still, your dog sees you are you truly are… infinitely loveable and capable of great love.

When your subconscious mind experiences this new way of seeing yourself, the old negative lens begins to shatter.  Healthier, happier ways of seeing begin to grow.  Self-abusive habits of the past are replaced by positive, productive habits to support you in creating a life you can love.