New Year resolutions have the potential to improve our lives.  Then why are most resolutions abandoned so quickly?

The answer is that most people choose resolutions which rapidly become tedious obligations for improvement.  But if they chose resolutions which were exciting steps to create their ideal life, how different the outcome would be!

Here is a hypnosis technique which can help you to choose, and commit to, resolutions which are far more inspiring and motivating than the vanishing resolutions of past years!

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths into your diaphragm, exhaling very slowly, using your nose, not your mouth.  Relaxing your mind and body.

Imagine you are living your ideal life.  A life you love. You have grown from your past and moved on from it.  You feel such wellbeing. Happy, healthy and strong.  You have a smile on your lips.  Where are you living in the world?  What are you doing? You love your job.  It is fulfilling and rewarding.  You are appreciated and respected.  You have financial security, everything you need.  What actions do you take?  You are making a difference.  How?  Your life has meaning and purpose.  And love.  Whom and what do you love?  What relationships have you built, nurtured, and treasured?  How do you spend your time?

Imagine all this vividly.  Make it bright and colorful.  Now slip into your body in that movie of your ideal life.  FEEL happy and so alive.  See the things you’d see.  Feel what you would feel.  Hear what you would hear.  Make it intense and wonderful.

You have just imagined how your life could be if you had the power to create it.  And you do!  Your thoughts create your life.

Imagine that ideal life you want and imagine loving it enthusiastically, joyfully.  Then in your imagination, sit down with the ideal you who is living your ideal life, and ask them how they did it.  First of all, how did they stop thinking about how unattainable their ideal life was?  And then how did they start taking action to create that ideal life? What steps, tiny and huge, did they take?  How did they find the courage even though they were scared?  Where did they go for advice and help?  How did they create their ideal (not perfect, but healthy and happy!) self?

You will learn the steps that you, living your best life, took.  The steps should directly correlate to the resolutions you choose for the new year!  Then, every morning and night of the new year, take a couple minutes to play the movie of the life you want to create.  Be in that body and feel the fulfillment and happiness.  Plan the steps you will take the next day, week, month and year. This will ensure that you maintain focus on your resolutions which are active steps in creating a life you can love.