There is a genre of hypnosis techniques used to help assess the path we are taking in life, and to enable us to choose alternate paths leading to a happier journey and healthier, more rewarding outcomes.  These life direction techniques can release outworn, self-limiting thoughts, thus opening space for positive, beneficial thoughts.  They help to shatter the dark lenses through which we have viewed ourselves and our paths through life while providing a new perspective full of possibilities.  They are time-honored hypnosis techniques used worldwide to help us break out of the trap of living as if we were powerless victims of small, sad lives.

This life experience was the inspiration for one of my own many versions of this type of technique.

Once, I lived in an old house in North Hill in Pensacola.  The master bedroom was so large, it felt like a ballroom.  It was light-filled, with high ceilings, wood floors and a fireplace.  And occasionally, late at night, a man would walk through that bedroom.  I would lie in bed listening to the sound of his leather shoes on the hardwood floor as he crossed the room.  Of course, I didn’t like having a stranger walk through the bedroom, but I don’t think he even knew I was there.  It wasn’t creepy.  And it was not a haunting.  It was just a man, well, the ghost of a man, still following the same path he took in his life.  Over and over again.

Now to me, THAT was scary.  And thought provoking.

I wondered, what about MY path?  Am I moving along my path like a ghost?  Blindly following the footsteps of my past?  Is the path I choose to walk so bright and shining that I want to keep following it after death?  And if it is not, then why am I wasting a precious lifetime on it now?  Am I growing, learning, and loving on this path?  Am I touching lives?  Easing pain, making people feel less alone?  Do I really like who I am while on this path?  And where does it lead?

If the path isn’t worth taking after death, what am I doing following it in life?

If I were as brave and loving and adventurous as I know I was born to be, what different path would I choose in order to lead a more meaningful, fulfilling life?

Where are your footsteps taking you?