Everyone has heard of the medieval concept of bargaining away one’s soul.  But how about bargaining away one’s life?  This God of Food hypnosis technique addresses the phenomenon of trading away one’s life or certain aspects of that life for the pleasure and feeding of one’s addiction.  The picture revealed is grim, but the possibilities for positive change are vast.

If there was a pantheon of gods in the sky behaving with careless abandon, as gods do, it would be the God of Food with whom I’d have a bone to pick.  Oh, the god of war, the god of death, there are plenty of gods I’d avoid.  But honestly, I have conducted so much Weight Loss/ Weight Management hypnosis over the past two decades that it would be the food god with whom I would choose to do battle.  For a start, I despise his lies.  He pretends he has humanity’s best interests at heart.  He calls himself Plenty.  He cloaks himself in the beneficent disguises of Abundance, of Nourishment, of the Gathering of Family and Friends, of Pleasure and of Love.  But he is seductively, fatally dangerous to mere mortals who choose to worship him.

And people do worship him.  They love him.  In fact, at his altar they hold up their lives in their arms and say, “Here.  Take my life.  I willingly trade it for as much food as you will give me.”

In the God of Food technique, you visualize a personal encounter with the god.  It is a business meeting in which you  negotiate and then sign a contract.  The god asks you what you desire of him.  He is jovial, kindly.  And it feels like he cares.  He listens and makes you feel less alone.  You tell him you love food.  In fact, you say, food is what you love most in all the world.  It is your relief, your entertainment, all that you look forward to.  Food pervades every thought you have.  You tell your god that food is your best friend, your sanity, your lover.  You are emphatic that you want to eat as much food as you can whenever you are bored, happy, uncomfortable, lonely, need a break, need comfort, need fulfillment.  You want food all the time.  You tell him that creating a life is just too hard.  You insist you would rather be a victim than take responsibility for growing a healthy body and mind.

The food god gives you his best beatific smile and says, “Granted”.  Then he states his terms.  “All the days of your life, you will bear a great weight.  Your obsession will be made visible to everyone.  Your appearance will make obvious your life choices.  Food will be your crutch and that which cripples you.  I will take your health, your beauty, your self-respect, your mobility, your independence.  You will imprison yourself within a mountain of flesh.  You will abbreviate your life by ten, fifteen, twenty years.  Those lost years with your loved ones, you willingly trade for food.”

“Yes, yes,” you say.  “Just give me the food.”

A Grim Reaper smile spreads across the god’s face.  Another life to devour.  And, oh, he is hungry.

“Bon Appetite,” he chuckles.

The God of Food

The God of Food in Weight Loss Hypnosis