The Cat Who Jumped on the Bed When No Cat Was There is one of the many powerful ghost techniques which I use in hypnotherapy sessions at Pensacola Hypnosis.  It is based on an experience I had with a well-loved cat.

One night, after I turned out the light, I felt my cat jump up onto the bed.  The mattress depressed and she snuggled up beside me.  I reached down to pet the shelter cat I had recently adopted.  But there was no cat there.  It was the spirit of my long-haired calico who had died a year before.  It wasn’t weird or scary.  It was natural, normal, and loving.

What if a cat jumped on YOUR bed when no cat was there?  Would that brush with the eternal have an impact on you?  What pre-conceived concepts of life and death would bite the dust?  What about your opinions of the Unseen, the Unknown, the Soul?

If a cat jumped on your bed when no cat was there, it would be a powerfully moving personal experience of a reality more meaningful, more loving than you had ever imagined.  It could change your whole understanding of who you are and the role you play on this planet.  Your every thought and action might have more purpose.  The value of life might be greater.  Your conflicts, dilemmas, and direction might all be clarified.

(And you would know that animals have souls.)

You can change your life with hypnosis.