With Every Thought, You Cast a Spell

If you think that witches are the only people with the power to cast a spell, you should reconsider.  You have been casting spells your whole life.  After all, a spell is merely a thought.  Witches give that thought a ritual form, magnify with it repetition and intention, and then release it into the universe to effect a certain outcome. Basically, a spell is a thought in action.  Dark spells are horribly common.  Fortunately though, they never work in the way intended.  Dark spells simply return to the sender to wreak havoc on his life.  Positive spells, too, impact the sender, but with goodness, meaning, and beauty.  Positive spells shimmer and flow through the world, making it a brighter, happier place.

Did you ever imagine that you had such power?  Well, you do!  When you go through the day thinking and feeling how victimized you are, how much you suffer, how lonely and sad and scary your life is, you are casting a dark, corrupt spell which will destroy your life.  The more you repeat the negative thoughts, the more power the spell gains.  Darkness and despair grow.  They feed upon whatever shreds of health and happiness remain.

You Cast Spells Every Day With Your Thoughts

You are the wielder of the only magic that exists in this world.  You create your thoughts and you are responsible for them.  With your thoughts, you create yourself and your life for better or for worse.  Never underestimate the power of negative thoughts.  They are the monsters in the darkness.  They are the building blocks of black magic.  But they are weak, sniveling things compared to the power of loving thoughts which cast a breathtaking spell of compassion and connection and meaning and goodness.

The power of thought is the realm of hypnosis.  In hypnotic trance, you gain perspective on your habitual thoughts. You observe the incantations you’ve been chanting over and over again in your mind.  You banish the negative, destructive thought patterns and grow positive, inspiring patterns for a healthy, happy life.  You cast your spells with love.

Please understand.  How you answer the classic question from Oz is a matter of personal choice and personal responsibility:

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?